About Time Enough

Time Enough is "Somewhere in Time" meets "TimeCop". It's a story about time travel, a murder mystery, and a man's obsession with the one woman he can't have. Marc McKnight is a battle-hardened warrior, but shy around women. He's attracted intellectually to Merrie Tyler, forty years his senior, but things change when he runs into her in the past when whe's a beautiful "force of nature" in her twenties.

What if much of what you have read about time travel is wrong? What if time is actually folded, so that you only have a small window of opportunity to access a specific time and place, which gives you less time to fix problems you inadvertently cause? And what if, during time travel, the two times are in lockstep--events in the past cause changes in the present as if they just happened? When a history-changing event occurs in the past, what if the poeple in the preent have two sets of memories for a short itme, until the new reality crowds out the memory of the old? The is the world introduced by Megahee's first book, Time Enough. It is the first in a series of Marc McKnight Stories.